The Top 3 Game-Changing Moments in ‘Survivor’ History


Ahead of Survivor‘s 38th season premiere, a look back at the biggest twists ever introduced on the CBS series.


The first cut is the deepest! On Day 13 in Africa (Season 3), the players were blown away when three members of both the Boran and Samburu tribes suddenly had to switch teams prior to the merge. This OG of twists proved to be a doozy, effectively torpedoing the preexisting alliances and setting a precedent for constant reshuffling of the decks.

'Survivor' Host & EP Jeff Probst Talks What Inspired Season 38 and the New TwistSee Also

'Survivor' Host & EP Jeff Probst Talks What Inspired Season 38 and the New Twist

This season 18 castaways — 14 newbies and four veterans — compete for the $1 million prize.


Back in the day, the only way for castaways to guarantee their own safety was by winning immunity challenges. But the script got flipped in Guatemala (Season 11) on Episode 8 with the introduction of the first hidden immunity idol. Tony Vlachos (above) found three in the Philippines’ Cagayan (Season 28)!


Alliances were taken to the next level with a pivotal late-in-the-game change on Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers in Fiji (Season 35): The victor in the final immunity challenge got to decide which of the remaining three would go through to the finale. Then the two who weren’t picked had to vie for the last slot by (gulp) making fire.

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