‘Modern Love’s Anne Hathaway, Andrew Scott & More on the Unique Stories Told

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Prepare for some warm and fuzzy feelings this fall thanks to Amazon Prime Video’s latest anthology Modern Love‘s look at all different types of love.

Each vignette is inspired by a story from the New York Times column of the same name. Adding a cast of superstar actors certainly helps sell these strong episodes and, thankfully, we were able to chat with a few of them during the show’s New York premiere.

“The column itself that was happily founded on the idea that love is much more than romantic love,” says Daniel Jones, editor of the New York Times column. “And some of the most moving stories we get, that really tug on my heart, are family stories and those bonds that you can’t really get out of, parenthood and things where it’s much more of a heavy subject matter.”

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'Modern Love's Tone Ranges From Earnest to Humorous, But Always Vulnerability

Daniel Jones, the editor of 'The New York Times' column from which the show is inspired, previews the Amazon Prime anthology.

Among those love stories is the episode, “Take Me as I Am, Whoever I Am,” starring Anne Hathaway and Gary Carr. Hathaway’s character, Lexi, is the focus as she deals with the highs and lows of bipolar disorder.

“I was happy that even though it’s still within the romantic family, that there was that truth that life can be painful and we do need each other to get through it,” Hathaway shares.

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Meanwhile, Carr who portrays Lexi’s love interest Jeff, says, “[This episode] shows different sides of things and it’s a great take on that condition.”

While there are some seriously heavy topics being addressed in the installment, Hathaway gets to put on her musical cap when her character breaks out into song and dance. “No, I hate a musical. I hate to dance in front of people,” she says sarcastically before adding, “I thought it was great.”

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Each entry in the star-studded Amazon Prime Video anthology is laden with deep emotion.

“I was very happy that Terri Cheney, the woman who wrote the essay that we were doing [the episode] about, felt that it was a really interesting and cool way to represent what she was feeling,” Hathaway elaborates. “But you know me, I love some jazz hands. I’ll do a pirouette.”

Another touching installment includes Andrew Scott and Brandon Kyle Goodman’s “Hers Was a World of One,” which follow their characters Tobin and Andy, a couple hoping to become parents. When they believe their path to parenthood is nearly a lost cause, they meet Karla (Olivia Cooke) and their lives are turned upside down.

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“I liked that he was kind of neurotic,” says Scott (most recently seen in Fleabag as the Hot Priest). “I thought he was funny, very well-written. He seemed to me like a very authentic New Yorker. I liked that he’s got a vulnerable side and that he goes on a real journey.

“That’s what you want, whether it’s a two-and-a-half-hour journey or a 25-minute journey, as this is,” Scott adds. “And I love the fact that I got to come to New York, which to me is the epicenter of cinema, and get to film here. It was a real dream come true.”

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The Amazon Prime Video series is inspired by the popular New York Times column.

That journey includes putting up with Cooke’s quirky vagabond character who plans to pass her baby over to the couple for adoption once he or she is born. “He wants the baby, he wants to be a part of this thing,” Goodman says of his character, Andy. “And then, I think as it’s coming up, it’s becoming more real. But it was cool to kind of play with my own real fears about bringing a child to this world, because that’s a lot of responsibility.”

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