6 Reasons ‘The Masked Singer’s Thingamajig Could Be This Athlete

Michael Becker / FOX

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for The Masked Singer Season 2.]

The Masked Singer is back and putting fans to the test with its competitive guessing game of who is who under those elaborate costumes.

In the Season 2 premiere, fans were introduced to eight contestants, and two were eliminated — Johnny Weir‘s Egg and Ninja’s Ice Cream. And among all of the new masked singers introduced, there’s one that seems to have been identified by viewers.

Below, we’re breaking down all of the reasons that Thingamajig is likely to be NBA player Victor Oladipo.

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1. He’s a Team Player

In Thingamajig’s first clue package, he says during a little rap, “What’s that he has? A magic case? Come on you all, keep up the Pace!” If we look at the context clues, there’s two words that stick out among all the rest — “magic” and “pace.”

When Oladipo began playing professionally for the NBA, he was on the Orlando Magic and he currently he plays for the Indiana Pacers. So it’s either a coincidence those two words are in his clues or it’s a dead giveaway.

Victor Oladipo (Credit: Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

2. His Occupation

“I’m here because I love to sing, though you may think that’s not my thing,” Thingamajig says in his intro. This declaration essentially confirms he’s not a professional singer, but it’s what he says next that hints at his own occupation.

“So please accept this side of me, I’m more than fashion shoots and dreams,” he added as a visual of Thingamajig holding sneakers is shown. The implication is that he’s an athlete, but those sneakers and the words “shoots” are both defining traits of a basketball player.

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3. His Height

It was revealed that Thingamajig is the tallest competitor and with Oladipo coming in at 6-foot-4, he’s a perfect candidate to fit the bill.

4. What’s in a Number?

In the final visual shown during Thingamajig’s clue package, a cupcake with a number four candle can be seen. So what’s the significance of the number? Oladipo’s current number on the Indiana Pacers is 4.

(Credit: Michael Becker / FOX)

5. His Recent Injury

Fans of Oladipo’s would know that he was injured earlier in 2019 and underwent surgery for a ruptured quad tendon. What better way to recuperate and get back on your feet than competing in a fun series like The Masked Singer?

6. His Singing Voice

If you’ve followed the baller off of the court, there’s a chance you’ve seen him bust out his vocals at various events, such as at the 2018 NBA Awards here:

You be the judge, does that sound like Thingamajig?

Let us know who you think is behind the Thingamajig in the comments below and stay tuned to see how far he makes it in the competition.

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