‘Wynonna Earp’ at NYCC: Season 4’s Fight, WayHaught & More 

New York Comic Con 2019 - Day 3
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Earpers have a lot to be happy about right now. Not only is Wynonna Earp coming back for a fourth season, but the cast was on hand at New York Comic Con.

Creator Emily Andras and stars Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, and Katherine Barrell looked back on the Syfy series so far and teased what’s to come.

The panel begins with a video of the cast and creator sharing memories and thanking the fans for fighting for them over clips of the series. Tim Rozon sends a video message thanking the fans: “Don’t stop Earping.”

On learning about the billboard: Andras wishes she had been in Times Square. “I was just blown away,” she says. Scrofano admits she thought someone had photoshopped it at first.

Andras on jumping back into writing Season 4: “It’s terrifying. … I feel like everyone expects it to be good. It’s been exciting. I’ve never taken this for granted. I’m very aware this is lightning in a bottle. … This experience is a career high that will never be topped.”

The fight for Wynonna reminded her what they’re fighting for and made her want to give fans more of that. Season 4 will include themes of fighting and resistance and “this incredible dysfunctional family finding each other and fighting for what’s right.”

Scrofano on Wynonna without the curse: “It’s terrifying. … Who is Wynonna? The whole premise of the show is that she’s the heir, but now that she’s not, what is she? It’s going to be really interesting to see her navigating that.”

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“Waverly’s going to help her find her purpose,” Provost-Chalkley says. “And Wynonna’s going to find Waverly,” Scrofano adds. “Now Wynonna has nothing to fight for except for [Waverly].”

On the new chapter of Nicole’s life: “For me, there’s this exterior transformation that signals stepping into it,” Barrell says. She has a father figure in Nedley, is starting a new chapter in her life with Waverly, and a new job. It’s a lot of change for her.

But then Scrofano pitches, “You know how Wynonna f**ks everyone’s dad? She’s alone with Nedley,” Nicole’s father figure. “I will take that pitch under advisement,” Andras laughs.

On the WayHaught proposal: Barrell wants to “confirm the moment for them … and make sure it was a decision made of love and not fear.”

On Wynonna and Nicole’s reactions to Waverly being in the Garden: “I would like to think they’ll be fighting to get me back,” Provost-Chalkley says. Scrofano continues her earlier thread and tells her, “Give me my moment with Nedley, then I’ll get to it.”

“I would imagine from the state of Waverly when she was dragged in there, it is not going to be planting flowers and grooming bushes,” Provost-Chalkley continues. “It will be rather traumatic, so I would imagine when she comes out of there she might need a little TLC.”

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Andras on Wynonna and Nedley the ones left: “Is Nedley the best person to be the last person to have on your side? I don’t know. … Some interesting things are going to happen to Nedley this year. I think a lot of Wynonna’s fear is being alone … That’s going to force Wynonna into a weird headspace: Does she have to save everyone? Did they leave voluntarily?”

On bringing in Mama Earp: Andras loved the energy Megan Follows brought in. She “upended the Earp sisters.” She’d love to have her back.

Provost-Chalkley would also like to see her return, calling the relationship her character has with her mother complex and something she’d love to explore further. “The mix of emotions coming up were so overwhelming for Waverly.”

On another show they’d like to see their characters on: Provost-Chalkley chooses The Good Place, Scrofano Fleabag, and Barrell Gentleman Jack.

On their biggest regret if there hadn’t been a Season 4: Andras’ would’ve been not finishing the story for fans, and she would’ve fought to give them some kind of closure. Scrofano, Provost-Chalkley, and Barrell agree they didn’t take time to say goodbye because they considered it a given they’d be back. Provost-Chalkley adds it would’ve made her sad for Waverly’s journey to end with her torn away from everyone.

On another medium they’d like to see Wynonna in: Andras suggests a huge $200 million film or maybe Wynonna in politics, as president. Provost-Chalkley brings up a musical or book, and Barrell says a paper doll book.

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On who’s more romantic in WayHaught: The actresses agree Nicole is, in a more classical, traditional way. Waverly is more sentimental and more spontaneously romantic.

On if we’ll see Wynonna’s daughter again: Andras says maybe. She thinks Wynonna did the best thing she could under the circumstances, but would love to see Wynonna meeting her daughter for first time.

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