‘Supernatural’ EP Previews Christian Kane’s Guest Spot & Jensen Ackles Singing

Supernatural - Ep. 1507 - Last Call With Christian Kane
Katie Yu/2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

He’s with the band!

In the December 5 episode, “Last Call,” elder Winchester brother Dean (Jensen Ackles, above) takes a break from demon slaying to “recapture his mojo,” executive producer Andrew Dabb reveals. When he meets an old hunter friend, Leo Webb (Angel‘s Christian Kane), “the two have a wild night out.”

The group Dean winds up fronting, the Impalas, may appear to be a random bar band, but in real life, it’s made up of rotating Supernatural crew members. Performing onscreen with Ackles are boom operator Chris Glyn-Jones, lead carpenter Dave Webber, set dressers Tracy Dunlop and Perry Battista, and best boy rigging grip Cam Beck.

The actor — who has performed with the Impalas during Supernatural set celebrations and recently wrote and recorded an album with his musician pal Steve Carlson — jumped at the chance to sing during the Impalas’ series debut, even choosing the number.

“It’s a bit of a spoiler,” Dabb says, “but it’s a very well-known song about another pair of TV brothers.” Any guesses?

(Colin Bentley/The CW)

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