‘Supernatural’ Adds ‘Angel’s Christian Kane in Guest Role for Final Season

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Get ready to meet a new hunter in Supernatural‘s final season.

Christian Kane is guest starring on the CW drama as Leo Webb, described as “a former hunter and a friend of Dean Winchester,” according to Entertainment Weekly. Does that mean he only knows Dean (Jensen Ackles) and not Sam (Jared Padalecki)?

Could the two have run into each other during Sam’s time in college? Or will we find out about a time from their childhood when the brothers were apart (similar to Season 9’s “Bad Boys”)? Or maybe we’ll get a previously untold story from some point over the past 14 seasons?

There are no details about what brings Leo back into Dean’s life, but since he’s a “former hunter,” chances are they won’t just run into each other on a case. However, God (Rob Benedict) did unleash the souls from hell in the final moments of Season 14, so they could reunite due to a monster they hunted together in the past.

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Maybe Dean calls Leo in after reading news articles that remind him of their previous case, or maybe Leo, since he’s no longer in the hunting business, relays the information to Dean and gets roped into helping or decides to come out of retirement for it.

“Well my friends, the #kaniacs, you’ve asked for this for a very long time and my good friend @jensenackles and #supernatural, in its 15th yr, heard ya,” Kane wrote when he shared the news on Instagram. “A pleasure to be here working on a staple of television in its final season.”

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Kane’s previous TV credits include Angel, Leverage, and The Librarians.

Supernatural, 15th and Final Season Premiere, Thursday, October 10, 8/7c, The CW