Treat Williams on His ‘Fun’ ‘Blue Bloods’ Return & Joining Sunday Dinner

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John Paul Filo/CBS

When Blue Bloods returns for Season 10, it’s celebrating its 200th episode, with special guest stars including the returning Treat Williams. And while some things will be different in the premiere — a guest at Sunday dinner! — others will be the same, like what to expect from Lenny, who needs his old partner’s help when his daughter is arrested.

“I just love the fact that Lenny always does something to screw up Frank’s day [and] make [his] life more difficult because he’s a bit of a live wire,” Williams told TV Insider with a laugh. “I love this first episode of Blue Bloods. It’s so fun. There are many, many surprises in the life of Lenny. Frank always does the right thing and gets involved.”

Lenny is joining the family for the milestone’s Sunday dinner, and Williams knows what that means. “I was very honored that I was invited to the family dinner,” he said. “No outsider had ever had dinner with the family.”

And with Lenny there, the others may see a different side of the police commissioner. “I don’t think they’re used to somebody being Frank’s equal, being comfortable with Frank to call him nicknames and to give him a hug and to kiss him on a cheek,” Williams said. “He’s this mountain of a powerful guy, and then you have a guy who put his life on the line with this guy for 15 years.”

As the actor pointed out, there’s a deep bond between cops. “When I starred in Prince of the City, there’s a line where my character says ‘I’m married to my wife, but I live with my partner,'” he recalled. “Every single day, your life was in that person’s hands.”

“It’s really wonderful because Tom [Selleck] and I are basically of the same period, the same era, so we’re very comfortable together,” he added. “I think the chemistry is great because you can really tell these guys have been through the wars together back in the day. Both of us having played cops so much, we’re very comfortable with that, too.”

(John Paul Filo/CBS)

Blue Bloods, Season 10 Premiere, Friday, September 27, 10/9c, CBS