Terry O’Quinn Teases His ‘Emergence’ Character’s Connection to Piper (VIDEO)

Terry O’Quinn, best known as Lost‘s John Locke, joins another ABC thriller, Emergence, as Richard Kindred, the take-no-prisoners billionaire head of a tech holding company.

He’ll be key to police chief Jo Evans’ (Allison Tolman) investigation into the identity of a mysterious little girl called Piper (Alexa Swinton). “He’s as intimidating as I can make him and unbending,” O’Quinn reveals.

Above, get an exclusive first look at Richard in the October 8 episode, “2 MG CU BID,” and below, O’Quinn shares more intel.

How does Kindred first meet the determined Chief Evans?

Terry O’Quinn: I’m coming into my cool glass-and-steel building, and she’s waiting in the lobby. She gives me some information and a piece of [technology] that was found with Piper. I have an angry confrontation with her, which is cut off by one of my advisers [Maria Dizzia’s Emily] — who will come to the fore later. The adviser realizes I have a temper, which has gotten me in trouble.

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What about Piper?

I’ve shot a scene where I interact with Piper. Piper has abilities and connections that are unusual. Kindred’s relationship to her and what prompts his interest in her is still a mystery that hasn’t been revealed to me. I can’t wait to find out!

Does Kindred have anything in common with John Locke?

Kindred is maybe somebody who Locke wishes he was. Locke was always seeking control. He would have loved to have power. In the last season or so of Lost, when Locke was the Man in Black, he was a little bit more like Kindred: He doesn’t fear consequences.

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And are you a tech wiz in real life?

No, I have to hand my computer to my girlfriend and say, “Would you do this for me?” or “Buy this for me?”

What can we expect from Kindred going forward?

He listens, plans and manipulates as much as possible.

Emergence, Tuesdays, 10/9c, ABC