‘The Rookie’s Nathan Fillion Fills in the Blanks on the Second Season

Fall Preview
ABC/Andrew Eccles

The Rookie‘s star, Nathan Fillion, had some fun filling in the blanks for our look at the cop show’s sophomore season.

Maybe too much fun: We note the parts you shouldn’t believe.

What a cliffhanger! The Rookie‘s action-packed freshman season ended with Officer Tim Bradford (Eric Winter) collapsing after close contact with a hemorrhagic virus. Scary news for the unshakable cop — we’ll see how that turns out in the premiere.

As for eager Officer John Nolan (Fillion), in the Season 2 debut we see him masterfully take down a rogue Hamburglar. [Editor’s note: It’s actually a terrorist.] The LAPD’s oldest recruit has now been on the job six months: He’s even older and stiffer than he was on Day 1 but still needs to improve at gaining the respect of the TOs [training officers].

Could a clever new detective (Losts Harold Perrineau) be the answer? He and Nolan get along like peaches and cream. On the home front, perpetual houseguest Nolan is remodeling an ambitious fixer-upper that’s a metaphor for his second chance at life.

(Credit: ABC/Rick Rowell)

His love life is the best it’s been in a long time thanks to ex–FBI agent Jessica Russo (Sarah Shahi), but a face from Nolan’s past — a brilliant doctor played by Ali Larter — could complicate the relationship. No matter what, his fellow “boots” Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neil) and Jackson West (Titus Makin) have his back.

And all three rookies benefit from a uniform update: short sleeves and hot shorts! [Editor’s note: You will not see anyone wearing Daisy Dukes, sorry.] Huzzah! It’s no understatement to say that this development is as joy-filled as that one time we all did that one thing that was so great!

The Rookie, Season 2 Premiere, Sunday, September 29, 10/9c, ABC