TV Insider Podcast: ‘The Good Place’s Manny Jacinto Talks Becoming Jason Mendoza

The Good Place - Manny Jacinto
Andrew Eccles/NBC

Breaking news — Manny Jacinto is not just like his The Good Place character, Jason Mendoza.

To hear the actor talk about his beloved character on the NBC sitcom, which is gearing up for its fourth and final season, some people are surprised when they find out he doesn’t speak the same as Jason — with googly eyes, funny smiles, and that occasional head-turn as he says something hilariously dim and funny. In fact, Jacinto is also a bit more intelligent than his TV alter ego.

During our chat with the actor in this episode of the TV Insider Podcast, he talked about shaping Jason’s now-staple nuances, as well as how working with Ted Danson made his choice to become an actor easier on his family. Plus, Jacinto shared as he much as he could about the upcoming Tom Cruise film, Top Gun: Maverick.

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Also in this episode, Senior Critic Matt Roush tells us What’s Worth Watching in the coming weeks. For now, kick back and listen to Roush’s segments as well as our chat with Manny Jacinto. You can listen right here, subscribe/download oniTunes or anywhere you get your podcasts. Enjoy!

The Good Place, Season 4 Premiere, Thursday, September 26, 9/8c, NBC

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