‘Younger’: What Will Liza Decide About Charles’ Question? (POLL)

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 6, Episode 12 of Younger, “Forever.”]

Friends just have the worst timing, don’t they? That’s the case in the Younger Season 6 finale, as Kelsey (Hilary Duff) makes a decision about her future just as Charles (Peter Hermann) is trying to take a step forward in his with Liza (Sutton Foster).

This season hasn’t been an easy one for Liza and Charles, even though they were no longer working at the same company for part of it. But even with Charles back as publisher, they’ve made things work. In the finale, they even begin to make plans for a family vacation with their children. “I think it’s time we all got to know each other a little better,” he says.

However, at Diana (Miriam Shor) and Enzo’s (Chris Tardio) wedding, Charles tells Liza he’s been rethinking that trip because “kids don’t belong on a honeymoon.”

“You and I have been through a lot these past few months, real life, ups and downs,” he says. “I’ve fallen deeper and deeper in love with you. How could I not? I cannot imagine not waking up each morning with you, with your smile and your laugh, with everything about you. Liza Miller, will you marry me?”

Before Liza can give him her answer, Kelsey interrupts to accept Charles’ offer to come back to the company. One by one, everyone else joins them and separates them on the dance floor.

But what will Liza’s answer to Charles’ proposal be? While we wait for Season 7, we’re taking a look at why she may accept and why she may turn him down. Check them out and then vote in the poll below.

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Marriage Is the Next Step

Liza and Charles have very much settled into their relationship, even making it past some hurdles in their professional lives (including him starting his own imprint and the two competing for authors). Though she’s a bit hesitant about the family vacation earlier in the episode, she does agree to it.

That uncertainty does return at the wedding, as he first brings up the trip again and then proposes. Still, she smiles, suggesting she’s not entirely against the idea.

But just because she says yes doesn’t mean they’ll get married. After all, Foster told ET, “I think Charles is the marrying type and I don’t know if Liza’s ready to get married again.” This could put her on the path to figuring out if she is.

Liza’s Not Over Josh

If this season has made one thing clear, it’s that the love triangle is far from over. Liza may be with Charles. She may have written Josh (Nico Tortorella) a “Dear John” letter. She may have been willing to not see Josh for Charles (and even was the one to suggest it).

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But things are very much unresolved between the two, and before Charles’ proposal, Liza admits she doesn’t want the tattoo he designed for her on anyone else. “It’s ours,” she says to Josh.

And with Josh very much part of her circle of friends, he’s going to remain part of her life.

We’ll just have to wait until the seventh season to see how this plays out, whether Liza says yes to Charles’ proposal or not.

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