Bond, James Bond, on TCM, ‘Why Women Kill,’ Celebs Tackle Poverty on Nat Geo

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A selective critical checklist of notable Thursday TV:

Dr. No (8/7c, Turner Classic Movies): There’s only one James Bond, although many have played the role of the unflappable 007 over the years. As part of TCM’s salute to United Artists on the studio’s 100th anniversary (with a film series on Wednesdays through September), the channel devotes its Thursday prime-time lineup all month to the dapper and deadly secret agent, starting with the first five movies that immortalized Bond through the iconic performance of Sean Connery. The marathon begins with 1962’s Dr. No, and continues with From Russia with Love (10/9c), Goldfinger (12:15 am/11:15c) and overnight airings of Thunderball and You Only Live Twice.

Why Women Kill (streaming on CBS All Access): The complications just keep getting messier in this campfest from the creator of Desperate Housewives. Who’d have guessed that ’80s-era haughty socialite Simone (Lucy Liu) would have a daughter (Li Jun Li) who’s an even bigger drama queen? (OK, that’s really not such a surprise.) When the next-gen diva declares that her wedding is off, and starts making eyes at mom’s own secret teenage boyfriend (Leo Howard), the prospect looms of yet another triangle in this household. Back in the 1960s, Beth Ann (Gennifer Goodwin) makes the mistake of loosening up a bit too much with her husband’s mistress, April (Sadie Calvano), resulting in a reckoning at a dinner party with unexpected consequences. And in the present day, the harmonious threesome is disrupted by the intrusion of Jade’s (Alexandra Daddario) two-time-felon ex.

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Roush Review: 'Why Women Kill' Is a Campy Concoction of Suburban Dysfunction

The CBS All Access drama, starring Lucy Liu and Ginnifer Goodwin, interweaves three tales of marital discord.

Activate: The Global Citizen Movement (10/9c, National Geographic Channel): You don’t have to be famous to make a difference as an activist for social change, but it doesn’t hurt. In a partnership with National Geographic, Global Citizen, RadicalMedia and Procter & Gamble, the six-part documentary series follows international crusades that amplify efforts to bring about change on urgent issues including the environment (plastic pollution, the water crisis), education—and in the opener, extreme poverty. Hugh Jackman, Priyanka Chopra Jones and singer Becky J are featured in Global Citizen rallies, leading campaigns for policy changes including support of women-owned businesses in Mexico.

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Inside Thursday TV: The centennial season of the NFL begins with NBC’s NFL Kickoff 2019 (7:30/6:30c) followed by a game between longtime rivals Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears (8:15/7:15c), as a prelude to the start of another blockbuster Sunday Night Football season this weekend. … Everything is awesome, because ABC is presenting 2014’s hit The Lego Movie (8/7c) in its broadcast TV debut. … Science Channel explores Secret Nazi Ruins (10/9c) in a new series, starting with a study of a mysterious mansion, on a remote beach in the Canary Islands, that may have been intended for a sinister mission.