‘The Magicians’ Cast on Season 5’s Changes: ‘There’s a New King in Town’ (VIDEO)

The Magicians ended Season 4 with a devastating loss.

After the heroic death of the series’ lead character Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph), and the return of magic to the world, we’re looking forward to seeing a very different looking fifth season.

Though the Syfy fantasy series doesn’t return until 2020, the cast, including Hale Appleman, Summer Bishil, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Stella Maeve, and Arjun Gupta stopped by TV Insider’s suite at San Diego Comic-Con to offer a look at what’s next for their magically-inclined characters.

For starters, the loss of Quentin will be, as expected, devastating. But it will also be unique to each character. As Gupta puts it, “They’re all in really, really different places in their grief, and that sets up an interesting dynamic.”

Of course, that means they will all process that grief in sometimes healthy and sometimes unhealthy ways. For example, “Julia is … suppressing it and just trying to save the world again,” explains Maeve.

And don’t expect the whole gang to be back together again… at least right away. Appleman and Bishil’s BFFs Eliot and Margo found themselves trapped in Fillory 300 years into the future at the end of last season. What’s even worse than that? Fen (Brittany Curran), acting as High King of Fillory, and her co-ruler Josh (Trevor Einhorn) have been deposed in the time Eliot and Margo were away. Yikes. “There’s a new king in town and we don’t know anything about him,” Appleman teases.

Watch the cast talk about Fillory, whether the return of magic is good or bad and more, in the video above.

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