‘Mayans M.C.’ Cast on Conflicts & Season 2: ‘The Key Is Retribution’ (VIDEO)

“In Season 2, the chickens come home to roost,” Mayans M.C. creator Elgin James has teased.

The FX drama returns for a second season this fall, and James and series stars Edward James Olmos, JD PardoClayton Cardenas, and Sarah Bolger sat down with Jim Halterman in TV Insider’s suite at San Diego Comic-Con to offer a look at what’s coming up.

When the new season picks up, six to eight months later, there will still be conflict between the Reyes brothers, EZ (Pardo) and Angel (Cardenas). “Angel really wanted EZ to take off and leave and EZ wanted to stay,” Pardo said. “He understands that things are happening for a reason and he doesn’t have to have that resentment anymore for what happened to him in his past, but like any transition, it’s never easy.”

“We keep saying how last season was about secrets and the secrets [EZ] had and how that unraveled and the secrets [Felipe] has,” James said. And now, “People gotta answer.”

Watch the cast and creator tease Season 2, what makes the series’ world “extraordinary,” their reactions to scripts, and more in the video above.

Mayans M.C., Season 2 Premiere, Tuesday, September 3, 10/9c, FX