Netflix’s ‘Diagnosis’ Is the Unscripted Version of ‘House’

Courtesy of Netflix

Consider Diagnosis the unscripted version of Fox’s fan-favorite medical drama House.

Luckily, the patients featured here don’t have to rely on that show’s notoriously cranky physician, played by Hugh Laurie, to identify their mysterious diseases. They’re in the kind and capable hands of Dr. Lisa Sanders whose column, “Diagnosis,” a New York Times fixture for almost 20 years, inspired both shows.

In addition to her own expertise, Sanders uses social media to connect with other doctors and regular folks worldwide who might be able to offer insight into what’s ailing the people who reach out to her.

In the first episode, an athletic young woman in Nevada suffers from long-term severe pain, which has stumped multiple specialists. She finds hope from researchers in Italy and travels there with her boyfriend for help.

“We go deep into these cases from an emotional and medical point of view,” explains executive producer Jonathan Chinn (Whitney). “Every lead the crowd pointed us to needed to be considered and followed up on. Hunches from around the world changed lives. Ultimately, I hope viewers come away with the sense that they should never give up on the possibility of closure.”

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Sadly, Diagnosis is just seven episodes. So if you’re craving more stories about strange medical cases — like gold sodium thiomalate poisoning — head to stat. There, you can stream all 177 episodes of the hit 2004–12 hospital-set drama starring Hugh Laurie. For access to the series, enter the name of your cable provider when prompted.

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