How Long Will Kristen Bell Play ‘Veronica Mars’? 10 Takeaways From the Comic-Con Panel

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Jason Dohring, Kristen Bell and Diane Ruggiero-Wright

After a screening of Veronica Mars‘ first episode of Season 4 (available now on Hulu, in fact, the whole season is!), the cast of the Rob Thomas-created series took part in a panel to discuss what it’s like getting the gang back together in Neptune, Calif.

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On why Veronica turns down Logan’s (Jason Dohring) proposal: “She’s never had a good example of a marriage in her life,” explains Kristen Bell (Veronica). “She always sees people breaking up and it’s hard for her to believe something could be so perfect.”

Kristen Bell and Diane Ruggiero-Wright (Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

“If only Logan would hit the gym a little more,” quipped Diane Ruggiero-Wright (executive producer).

“In the DVD version of the pilot, we have someone who’s been taking pictures of people committing adultery since she was nine years old. How does she get past that?” asks Rob Thomas.

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“How does she say, ‘Mine’ll work!’” adds Bell.

To his credit, Logan’s not pressuring her to commit.

“That’s why he’s the right partner,” Bell says. “He’s letting her take her time.”

On if we should be worried about Keith (Enrico Colantoni), who’s battling some health issues: “Very worried,” said Colantoni. “Always be worried about your dad!”

Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Enrico Colantoni, and Jason Dohring (Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

On writing Veronica and Keith’s father-daughter scenes: “It’s so comfortable,” says Thomas. “It’s so easy to do. I don’t get to spend much time on set. I’m usually in the writers’ room or in editing, but I did show up on set for the first scene in the office where she comes in carrying a check. Watching that scene made me about as happy as I’ve been in the last year. These two are brilliant. They can take mediocre material and make it palatable. They can take good material and make it great. And if you write great material then they can tear the roof off it. It’s just fantastic.”

On the cast welcoming newcomer, Kirby Howell-Baptiste (Nicole): “Honestly, everyone has welcome me with open arms,” Howell-Baptiste says. “It felt like going off to meet your boyfriend’s parents. At the table read there wasn’t a moment of awkwardness. It was, ‘We’re happy you’re here.’ [Kristen] and I fell madly in love while doing the show. She’s very special.”

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'Veronica has become jaded, and she's ripe for an evolution, which is a really cool place to start,' Bell teases.

Bell adds: “When I heard about Kirby for Nicole I said, ‘Run! Don’t walk! She’s spectacular in every scene and especially off-camera. I lover her very much.”

On whether or not Veronica’s a good friend, as she’s always on the phone at Wallace’s house: “I see her doing her job,” says Percy Daggs III (Wallace). “It’s like that friend you have who feels so comfortable at your house, you can kick your shoes off and check your Twitter.”

On how long Bell would like to play Veronica Mars: “I’ll play [her] until everyone in Neptune is dead!”

“I’m afraid I’ll be dead [before then],” quipped Thomas.

Jason Dohring, Kristen Bell, Diane Ruggiero-Wright and Rob Thomas (Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Hulu)

On her favorite new cast member: “He’s not here today because his schedule is very tough to nail down,” says Bell. “His name is Rocco and he’s cast in the part of [the dog] Pony. He’s the most wonderful dog I’ve ever met. Our P.A. on the show got me socks with [Rocco’s] photo on them.”

On if Ryan Hansen (Dick) will be using any of the detective skills he picked up on Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television: “Absolutely, not!”

Francis Capra, Percy Daggs III, and Ryan Hansen (Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Bell playing “Kiss, Marry, Kill” with Duncan (Teddy Dunn), Piz (Chris Lowell), and Leo (Max Greenfield): “[Kiss] Leo, marry ‘Piz,’ and Kill Duncan.”

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On when Bell will let her daughters start watching Veronica Mars: “I think 13 years old is a good age,” Bell says. “Maybe 15 for season 4.”

“The Internet exists,” Howell-Baptiste quipped, “So 13 is fine.”

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