‘Holey Moley’ Creator Picks His Favorite Holes on the Golfstacle Course

Eric McCandless/ABC

Miniature golf — a contact sport?

That’s the extreme fun of watching 12 colorfully clad players take on Holey Moley‘s “golfstacle course,” vying for some green ($25,000, among other prizes) and bragging rights.

Series creator Chris Culvenor handicaps a few favorite holes.

The Distractor

Competitors have to make a 15-foot putt while anyone from jazzman Kenny G to a mime (as seen above) breaks their concentration. Producers were “challenged to list all the things that drive you crazy under extreme pressure,” Culvenor says. “A mime is just famously annoying.”


Players pick either a robot (with commentator Rob Riggle‘s smack-talking voice) or NBA All-Star/series exec producer Stephen Curry to hit a 55-foot tee shot for them. “Steph is a fanatical golfer,” Culvenor says of Curry, who helped design the hole.

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Contestants will put their putt-putt skills to the test.

Dutch Courage

Golfers hit the ball under giant windmills, then dart through rotating oversize hard-foam blades. “The windmill is so iconic, and supersizing it makes it ridiculous,” Culvenor says. Not to mention ideal for knocking duffers into faux tulips. As Riggle would say, “Let’s see that again in slow-motion!”

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