‘Holey Moley’ EP Previews 3 Holes From Larger-Than-Life Mini-Golf Course

ABC/Eric McCandless

Think mini-golf is just for kids? Think again.

“We took everything that people love about mini-golf — the obstacles and the water hazards — and blew them up to an epic level,” says Holey Moley executive producer Chris Culvenor. (Plus, they added a $25,000 prize!)

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Below, he previews three holes on the extremely large and treacherous course.

Log Roll

Think you could putt uphill while logs roll down toward you? “It’s about judging the angles,” Culvenor says. Adding to the fun: Lumberjack “Putt Bunyan,” who stands atop the obstacle to chop and send logs flying toward the players.

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Mount Holey Moley

“The country’s best mini-golfers are undone by this hole,” says the exec producer. The final three players must putt — and then climb — a fake volcano, use a 35-foot zipline to fly over a lake and try to land on a floating dock to reach the green.

(Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless)

Dutch Courage

The windmill is a classic mini-golf barrier, but here players must “putt through two windmills and then run through them,” explains Culvenor. “Competitors have to show both agility and perfect timing.” If they don’t? The mill’s massive blades will knock them into the tulips below.

Holey Moley, Premieres Thursday, June 20, 8/7c, ABC