Katherine Heigl to Headline Netflix’s ‘Firefly Lane’ Series

Suits - Season 8
Ian Watson/USA Network

Katherine Heigl has set a new post-Suits gig as Netflix unveiled the actress will star in series adaptation Firefly Lane.

Based on Kristin Hannah’s best-selling 2008 novel of the same title, Firefly Lane tells the story of two women — Kate and Tully (Heigl) — who are complete opposites on the social ladder but form an unbreakable bond during their childhood which is showcased over four decades. Heigl, who joined Suits as Samantha Wheeler in Season 8, will wrap her role with the final season that premieres this July.

Described as a force of nature that still bears the scars of her past, Tully’s saving grace is her best friend Kate. The tweet shared by Netflix’s See What’s Next account stated that Heigl “will star in #FireflyLane, a new series based on the beloved book, as Tully Hart: a force of nature still bearing the scars of a traumatic childhood whose saving grace is her best friend, Kate, with whom she shares an unshakable bond over the course of four decades.”

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Despite their vast differences, Kate and Tully’s relationship stands the test of time, but there will be bumps in the road along the way. At this time no one has been cast as Kate, who is considered the introvert to Tully’s extrovert.

No premiere date or timeline for release have been made at this time, but with Heigl’s casting underway, more announcements are sure to follow.

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