‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Sneak Peek: June Offers Althea a Listening Ear (VIDEO)

As if the end of civilization isn’t enough to make you shut down emotionally, more traumatic experiences will do it. And in Fear the Walking Dead, Althea’s (Maggie Grace) going through enough that June’s (Jenna Elfman) is beginning to notice.

In an exclusive sneak peek from the July 7 episode, the women share a quiet moment together as Althea repairs a plane. The episode, titled “The Little Prince,” has yet to receive a logline, but Al and June’s conversation certainly sets a tone.

It’s clear that Al’s grappling with some guilt as she tells June, “It’s just the helicopter… if I had kept it from taking off then we’d be home by now.” But June’s not standing for such talk as she lets out an exaggerated sigh and says, “There’s no way you could have done that, Al.”

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“Did something happen when you were missing?” June then implores, but Al is relatively silent and dismissive about the question. Not even saying anything, Al just shakes her head and smiles.

“You know, I asked to talk to you once, off the record. And you let me talk, and that helped me more than you know,” June says. “So, if you ever need to do the same, you can…”

(Credit: AMC)

Will Al take June up on her offer? Find out when Fear the Walking airs Sunday, July 7 on AMC, and check out the full clip above.

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