‘Married at First Sight’: 7 Key Moments From Episode 4 (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight Season 9, Episode 4, “Stranger Love in Paradise.]

In the the July 3 episode of Married at First Sight, “Stranger Love in Paradise,” we saw the newly-married couples continue their honeymoons in Antigua.

For some, it was a hot and steamy getaway, while others faced their fears, broke down their walls, and opened up to their spouses. Below, we’re recapping all of the highlights, but beware of spoilers. And don’t miss the next installment on July 10 on Lifetime to find out what life is like outside of a tropical setting.

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The couples have entered the honeymoon phase.

Amber’s Reveal

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At the beginning of the episode, the couples provided an update on their statuses and Amber revealed a big one when it came to her and new hubby Matt. She shyly shared that they consummated their relationship, which makes them the first couple this season to do so.

Greg’s Compliments

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Early on, Greg was fairly complimentary of his new wife Deonna, but she’s not a fan so much and she told him as much. While he was confused to be asked to pay her fewer compliments, Greg promised he’d make an effort to avoid doing so. He also then revealed that he wouldn’t mind receiving some compliments from her.

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And get ready for all the drama that comes with them.

Iris Confronts Keith

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Until now, Iris and Keith have gotten along for the most part. But Iris took an aggressive approach this week when she asked a question important to her: whether Keith is in the marriage for the long haul. And even with her confrontational tone, Keith assured her that he was.

Couples Converge

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During the first day on the honeymoon, all of the couples got together for a game of volleyball before the women and men split off in two different directions. Both groups seemed to have the same thing on their minds as they all discussed their statuses when it comes to consummating their marriages.

First Fight

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Elizabeth and Jamie were the first couple to fight in this episode. It all came down to a simple miscommunication, which turned into hours of both of them standing alone and waiting around for each other. This couple quickly talked it out though and didn’t fall victim to a full blowout in their first days of marriage.

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Some of the couples left their resort for some fun activities: Keith and Iris swam with stingrays, Deonna and Greg went zip-lining, and Matt and Amber went sightseeing at the shore. Deonna and Greg’s trip was a turning point, as Greg faced his fear of heights in an effort to become more adventurous.

Common Ground

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The topic of kids came up at dinner with Elizabeth and Jamie, and despite telling the experts that they did want kids, they both ultimately agreed that they’d prefer not to have them. The shared stance only seemed to deepen their bond, as they appeared equally pleased with each others answers.

Will the honeymoon phase last or is there trouble in paradise for these couples? Find out when Married at First Sight returns next week.

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