‘One Day at a Time’ Cast & EPs React to Pop TV Save

Mike Yarish/Netflix

Pop TV is bringing back One Day at a Time, meaning fans will be getting #MoreODAAT after their #SaveODAAT campaign.

The CBS-owned network announced Thursday that it saved the series following Netflix’s cancelation, and the 13-episode fourth season will premiere in 2020. “We’d especially like to thank all of the fans for their undying support, helping us turn #SaveODAAT into #MoreODAAT,” executive producers and co-showrunners Gloria Calderón Kellett and Mike Royce said in a statement.

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That’s a sentiment they and the cast have echoed in their social media reactions to the show’s return.

“WE’RE BACK! Thanks to every fan who made #saveodaat trend worldwide, One Day at a Time is heading to POP TV & we couldn’t be more excited,” Calderón Kellett tweeted. She also teased they have “many more stories to tell” that they can’t wait to share.

“#SAVEODAAT is old news,” Rita Moreno wrote, recognizing the campaign to bring the show back after it was axed. “#MoreODAAT is more like it!!”

Todd Grinnell, Isabella Gomez, and Stephen Tobolowsky all thanked the fans for helping to save their show. “Thank you all for everything you did to make this happen,” he posted. Meanwhile, she included several emojis of celebration as she expressed her disbelief over the save. “It’s 6:34 am here and I’m still in so much shock??? I get to wear the glasses again??? I get my baby angel Elena back?? I wouldn’t be able to say that if it wasn’t for all of you,” Gomez wrote Friday.

“And they say miracles don’t happen,” Tobolowsky tweeted, acknowledging those who work on One Day at a Time “and all of you who have loved this show and MADE IT HAPPEN.”

The cast and EPs also expressed their gratitude for Sony Pictures Television, Pop TV, and CBS for making sure Season 3 wasn’t the end. “Thank you … for believing in us, for allowing us to continue telling our stories, making a difference and representing my people,” Justina Machado wrote. “Pa’lante mi Gente #MoreODAAT.”

“This should be obvious but I am very happy #MoreODAAT,” Royce wrote, and he even teased the announcement by posting a video of “Something’s Coming” from West Side Story just as the news broke Thursday.

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