‘Suits’: Perjury, Blackmail & More Morally Questionable Moments

Rick Hoffman on Suits - Season 9

Knowingly hiring a fraud as an associate was the first crime committed on Suits, but Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and his colleagues have been playing fast and loose with the law ever since.

As the past threatens to catch up with them, let’s revisit some of the more morally questionable moments.

Shredding Documents (Season 2)

After locating a misplaced memo that would make it look like Harvey lied about a manufacturing client’s faulty machinery, assistant Donna (Sarah Rafferty) destroyed it.

Perjury (Season 3)

During their brief merger with a U.K. firm, Harvey and boss Jessica (Gina Torres) let British partner Edward Darby (Game of Thrones Conleth Hill) lie on the witness stand to help clear client Ava Hessington (fellow GoT alum Michelle Fairley), knowing Darby’s actions could be used to kill their unwanted alliance.

(Shane Mahood/USA Network)

Blackmail (Season 4)

Armed with the info that Mike (Patrick J. Adams) wasn’t licensed, Louis (Rick Hoffman) threatened to out him unless Jessica promoted him to name partner.

Manufacturing Evidence (Season 8)

Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) revealed that, years ago, he’d framed Samantha’s (Katherine Heigl) mugger to ensure a conviction; the man was then killed in prison. To make amends, Robert took the blame for Donna tipping off her beau (Sasha Roiz) about a bad business deal with one of Harvey’s clients. That’s three crimes in one!

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