Get to Know Alfred as He Tries to Be His ‘Own Man’ on ‘Pennyworth’ (VIDEO)

Pennyworth profile

Alfred just wants to lead a peaceful life and make something of himself, but that’s not going to be so easy on EPIX’s Pennyworth.

“I’m trying to build a nice business so I can settle down and have kids,” Jack Bannon’s character explains in TV Insider’s exclusive video profile below. “Suicide missions are not part of the plan.”

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'Pennyworth' Goes Full James Bond in EPIX's Full-Length Trailer (VIDEO)

EPIX has released a violent, visually dynamic, and espionage-filled look at the butler's backstory.

Though Alfred will go on to become the Waynes’ butler, that’s not what he wants for himself in 1960s London. “A butler is what his father is, and there’s no way that he wants to do that for the rest of his life,” executive producer and director Danny Cannon explains.

Rather, this origin story offers a look at Alfred’s life after he’s spent 10 years in the army and is trying to put the violence behind him. Can he “be [his] own man” and get people talking about his security company? As you can see below, it won’t be as easy as he may hope.

Pennyworth, Series Premiere, Sunday, July 28, 10/9c, EPIX