‘American Ninja Warrior’ Seattle/Tacoma City Qualifiers: Jessie Graff & 5 More Super-Athletes (VIDEO)


American Ninja Warrior moved indoors to the Tacoma Dome for the first time for the Seattle/Tacoma City Qualifiers, which featured fan-favorite ninjas including Jessie Graff.

While she has made history on the course before, it was another female competitor’s turn to do just that when she hit the buzzer. Overall, it was a fun night, with entertaining runs, Jake Murray, a ninja’s return from an injury, and, of course, speed.

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Women and speed dominated the course in Week 3 of Season 11.

The competitors had to make it through the Shrinking Steps, Lunatic Ledges, Barrel Roll, Broken Bridge, and Lightning Bolts before picking a Wall to attempt, and it was the last ninja of the night who made it up the Mega Wall.

Check out the highlights as city qualifiers continued.

Jessie Graff’s Return Home Was a Triumph

Graff had to miss the National Finals in Season 10 after qualifying because she was a stunt woman on the new Wonder Woman movie. She returned with another impressive run and hit another buzzer. “I’m home,” she said on top of the Warped Wall.

Lance Pekus’s Revenge Came With a Cash Prize

Pekus didn’t accomplish his goal of winning in the Tacoma Dome during a high school wrestling competition, but he not only made it through the first five obstacles, he also faced the Mega Wall — and hit the buzzer on his third attempt, for $2,500.

Sandy Zimmerman Made History

The 42-year-old hadn’t made it past the second obstacle in her previous runs on the course — until this season. She not only made it past Lunatic Ledges, but she was also the first of the night to make it past the Lightning Bolts. She then became the first mother to make it up the Warped Wall and hit a buzzer.

Jake Murray’s Theatrics Continued

When Murray runs, viewers expect him to hit a buzzer and do something entertaining, and he once again delivered. He’s had a corn dog and sized up the course with golf clubs, and in Season 11, fellow ninja Grant McCartney wheeled him up to the start line like Hannibal Lecter in a straitjacket. He sped through the course to the buzzer and even gave his signature peace sign mid-air on the dismount from the fifth obstacle.

Sean Bryan’s Recent Injury Didn’t Slow Him Down

(Matthew Hayward/NBC)

He’s the only ninja to make it to Stage 3 of the National Finals each of the past two seasons, but before he could train for this season, he had to recover after breaking his ankle at a competition in December 2018. He only was able to do the Warped Wall four weeks before the qualifiers, but the limited training and taped ankle didn’t stop him from not only completing the course with the second fastest time, but also beating Leif Sundberg on the Power Tower for the Speed Pass.

Leif Sundberg’s Speed Put Him on Top

(Matthew Hayward/NBC)

The Swedish Ninja didn’t stop once he was on the course, reaching the fifth obstacle at the 30-second mark. He was the only one to hit the buzzer in under a minute. Despite billing himself as a salmon ladder specialist, he fell on that obstacle in the City Finals in Season 10. He’ll now have the chance to beat it this season.

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