Jessie Graff’s 6 Best ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Runs (VIDEO)

American Ninja Warrior - Season 11
Matthew Hayward/NBC

Jessie Graff returns to American Ninja Warrior in Monday’s Seattle/Tacoma City Qualifiers, and everyone will be tuning in to see if she can continue her success.

She’s one of the most famous ninjas — and is the face of the Season 11 key art — and for good reason. Not only do people look up to her, but when she steps foot on the course, fans expect her to dazzle, both on the obstacles and with her chosen superhero look for the night. (She’s even done stunt work for Supergirl and Wonder Woman 1984.)

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Women and speed dominated the course in Week 3 of Season 11.

Ahead of her Season 11 run, we’re taking a look back at her best runs so far.

Season 7 Venice City Finals

While she missed the transition on the Hourglass Drop in her qualifying run, she successfully completed it when she faced it again. She then made it up the Warped Wall and faced the back half of the course. She fell on the ninth obstacle, the Clear Climb, but she qualified for the National Finals in Las Vegas.

Season 8 Los Angeles Qualifiers

Despite a momentary hang-up on the Ring Drop, she easily got past it and guaranteed a spot in the city finals by the time she reached the last obstacle. She then made history by being the first woman up the new 14.5-foot Warped Wall.

Season 8 Los Angeles Finals

Graff again successfully made it up the Warped Wall before facing the back half of the course, where she successfully completed The Wedge (the first to do so that night). She didn’t finish, but she came in second overall and again qualified for the National Finals.

Season 8 Las Vegas National Finals Stage 1

Graff made history again in Season 8 at the National Finals in Las Vegas. She was the first woman to complete Stage 1 (with over 12 seconds still on the clock).

USA vs. The World Stage 2

After she fell on Stage 1 in this competition, Drew Drechsel, who was the captain of Team USA, gave up his spot to Graff — and she only needed to complete the first obstacle in less than 43 seconds to get her team the points for the stage. She did, and then she continued on the course and became the first woman to complete Stage 2.

Season 9 Daytona Beach Finals

After making it up the Warped Wall, she guaranteed herself a spot in the National Finals and then faced the back half of the course to see how far she could go. She memorably did a split to cross the Giant Cubes and came in fourth overall when she failed on the Elevator Climb.

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