‘American Ninja Warrior’ Oklahoma City Qualifiers: 7 Runs We Loved (VIDEO)

ANW Oklahoma City
Brett Deering/NBC (3)

American Ninja Warrior moved to Oklahoma City as the qualifiers continued in Season 11, and the women were the highlights of Week 3.

Just like the previous weeks, the competitors had to decide between the regular Warped Wall and the Mega Wall (and the chance to win $10,000, $5,000, or $2,500) and had the Power Tower to look forward to if they had the two fastest times. The winner of the Tower then received a Speed Pass straight to the National Finals in Las Vegas.

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The highlights include Drew Drechsel's impressive night and Travis Rosen's return after his injury.

In Oklahoma City, the ninjas had to tackle the Shrinking Steps, the Wing Swing, the Fly Wheels, the Diving Boards, and Coconut Climb before picking a wall and attempting to hit a buzzer.

Check out the highlights from these qualifiers below.

Taylor Amann Graduated From College (ANW)

(Brett Deering/NBC)

The 22-year-old found romance when competing on Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness with a competitor from another team, Clay Raterman. While Clay went out on the second obstacle, it wasn’t until the fifth that she struggled, unable to lock the ring at the top of the first half of it.

David Wright Had His Cake & Ate It, Too

(Brett Deering/NBC)

Known as the “Cake Ninja,” the rookie was the first to make it past the Coconut Climb. He made it up the Warped Wall on his first try to be the first to hit a buzzer.

Maggi Thorne Fought for Her Success

(Brett Deering/NBC)

By the time she competed, she had to make it to the fifth obstacle to be in the top 5 female competitors and move on to the city finals — and she did, after almost falling on the Diving Boards.

Matthew Day Aimed for the Power Tower

After a successful rookie season with the second fastest finishes in Dallas Qualifiers and Finals to Daniel Gil’s, he showed that was no fluke. He once again sped through the course and up the Warped Wall and came second to Gil’s time. (He also came second to the other ninja on the Power Tower.)

Barclay Stockett Fought Until She Couldn’t Hold On

The popular ninja made it to the fifth obstacle, but she struggled with the dismount when the ring came down too far. Fortunately, she made it far enough and fast enough to advance to the city finals.

Daniel Gil Destroyed the Course and Tower

The veteran wanted to repeat his success last year and make it up the Mega Wall — and he did, after speeding through the course and reaching the fifth obstacle in 33 seconds. He not only had the fastest time of the night by 25 seconds, he also beat Day on the Power Tower.

Mathis “Kid” Owhadi Was Bested by the Mega Wall

The “Kid” was the rookie to beat this year after his impressive Season 10. While he didn’t make it to the Power Tower — he tried tackling the Mega Wall and failed in his three attempts — he showed that he’s still a top competitor this season.

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