Dick Wolf Planning ‘FBI’ Crossover With ‘Law & Order: SVU’ or ‘Chicago P.D.’

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Virginia Sherwood/NBC, Michael Parmelee/CBS & Matt Dinerstein/NBC

The ultimate crossover could be coming to a television near you this fall as producer Dick Wolf has unveiled plans for a collaboration between his CBS and NBC shows.

As the man behind fan favorites such as Law & Order: SVU and FBI, the two shows could come together according to Variety in which Wolf said a crossover is in the works. The event could mesh the worlds of CBS’s FBI or upcoming spinoff FBI: Most Wanted with one of NBC’s hits — Law & Order: SVU or Chicago P.D..

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Despite the shared producer, the crossover would be a defining moment as shows from entirely different networks meet.”CBS and NBC both want to do it — whether they can figure it out is above my pay grade,” Wolf said of the project.

The decision about which two shows will crossover remains to be seen as story will determine which titles Wolf goes with. Considering the criminal line that runs through each of the titles being discussed a story will likely come together easily.

Dick Wolf with Chicago Fire‘s Miranda Rae Mayo and Taylor Kinney (Credit: Parrish Lewis/NBC)

Wolf is responsible for many of TV’s biggest crime dramas among which are NBC’s One Chicago and Law & Order franchises as well as FBI, FBI: Most Wanted and former shows like New York Undercover.

When asked about a possible story or relation for the crossover, Wolf said, “SVU deals with the FBI a lot because there is a group inside the FBI which is called Innocent Images, which is child pornography and obviously very much on the same page.”

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Perhaps we’ll see an Olivia Benson-Maggie Bell team-up? Only time will tell if the major crossover event will pan out, but we can dream for now.