On Set With ‘The Rook’ Cast: Details on the New Supernatural Spy Drama (VIDEO)


TV Guide Magazine got top-secret clearance to visit the London set of Starz’s cool new supernatural spy drama The Rook. Peeking into the flowery back garden of a Victorian row house, we saw pixieish lead Emma Greenwell (Shameless) shooting an intense scene with James D’Arcy (Avengers) again and again, thanks to the screech of nearby trains.

The do-overs seem fitting. In the show, smart Myfanwy Thomas (Greenwell) is forced to hit restart when she wakes up with no memory surrounded by dead bodies on a rainy street near the Millennium Bridge.

“Myfanwy finds a note in her pocket telling her to run. That’s all she has to go on,” Greenwell told us on set. But Myfanwy had seen the mysterious memory wipe coming, so she prepped and made letters and video messages for herself “giving clues about what to do.”

Turns out she works for a secret wing of British intelligence, the Checquy (her job title: Rook), that oversees EVAs, people with “extreme variant abilities.”


“EVAs don’t have Avengers superpowers. They’re at the extreme end of what humans can do,” Greenwell says. Myfanwy has a power but no idea how to harness it: “She’s a danger to herself and others.” Those others — who are unaware of her secret — include mentor Lady Farrier (Joely Richardson) and American EVA minder Monica Reed (Olivia Munn), who’s investigating her ex-lover’s death…at the Millennium Bridge.

Greenwell knows the fear that amnesia causes. At 19, after suffering a concussion, “I forgot 12 days of my life.”


Check out an exclusive sneak peek of the new series with the cast below:

The Rook, Series Premiere, Sunday, June 30, 8/7c, Starz