Why ‘The Chef Show’ Is Your Next Feel Good Binge


Every week Netflix is adding new titles to its library — which makes its hard to narrow down your next binge, but that’s where recent release The Chef Show steps in.

The Jon Favreau-directed docuseries sees the writer-director-actor take on the culinary field with famous friends, reputable chefs and lots of laughs along the way. While it may seem random out of context, Favreau’s love of food isn’t a shock if you’ve seen or heard of his 2014 film Chef.

Chef, 2014 (Credit: Open Road Films)

The Chef Show is essentially an extension of the feel-good film which costarred a long list of famous faces including Sofia Vergara, John Leguizamo, Bobby Cannavale, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr. and Dustin Hoffman among others. In the Netflix iteration, Favreau and Chef Roy Choi — who trained the foodie actor with his culinary finesse — feature in every episode, seeing them make various dishes with friends across the country from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

Kicking off the 8-episode first season, Favreau and Choi join Gwyneth Paltrow in the Goop kitchen to prepare a Pepper Pot — an aptly named dish referencing Paltrow’s character from the Marvel Universe. Shenanigans ensue as the friends work together to create the dish, including a lapse in memory for Paltrow when it comes to her Marvel movie appearances.

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Also in the first episode is a segment featuring comedian and actor Bill Burr who excitedly assists Favreau and Choi in making the delectable grilled cheese and Cubano sandwiches from Chef. “When I saw you in Chef making that grilled cheese sandwich — that’s why I’m here,” Burr tells his kitchen companions.

These stars are just a few to feature in the docuseries which also includes a sit-down meal with Avengers‘ Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr., the Russo Brothers and more. Also included are various chefs among which is Binging With Babish‘s helmer Andrew Rea who recreates dishes from popular television and films such as Game of Thrones, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and 30 Rock with a chef’s approach.

Roy Choi, Favreau and Bill Burr in The Chef Show (Credit: Netflix)

But it’s not just the star power that sets The Chef Show apart from its peers — it leaves you smiling when the recipe maybe goes awry or Favreau politely asks to test out his cooking skills with pros. Throughout the entire show you see the director expand his knowledge and understanding of the culinary world with the fresh perspective of a hungry student.

From the Chef movie-inspired animation that clues viewers into the ingredients being used in dishes to the unfiltered conversations taking place, The Chef Show is one tasty binge that you won’t regret.

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