11 Cooking & Travel Shows for Foodies to Stream (PHOTOS)

Allegra Kuney

The past few years have seen a revolution in food TV, and Netflix is on the vanguard. The streaming service has taken the old models of cooking, travel and competition shows that were formerly the domain of Food Network and Cooking Channel and turned them on their heads, revitalizing the genre with big travel budgets, top-line celebrity chefs, and innovative formats.

The result? A new golden age of cooking and food shows to make viewers not only salivate, but also ponder what’s on their plate. With new seasons of The Chef Show and Ugly Delicious just out, it's clear Netflix has no intention of slowing down.

'Top Chef': Sample the Competition for Season 17 (PHOTOS)

'Top Chef': Sample the Competition for Season 17 (PHOTOS)

Find out why these returning chefs are contenders.

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