‘Blood & Treasure’ Sneak Peek: Can Lexi Escape Her Kidnappers? (VIDEO)

Blood Treasure

Don’t try to fool a thief.

That’s the lesson Fabi (Antonio Cupo) learns in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek from Tuesday’s episode of Blood & Treasure, “The Brotherhood of Serapis.”

At the end of the previous episode, Lexi (Sofia Pernas) was kidnapped while Danny (Matt Barr) controlled his fall down an elevator shaft by holding on to a ladder. So who took her?

Well, it’s not too hard for Lexi to identify at least one of her kidnappers. “I’m a thief, give me some credit for being able to spot a person in the darkness by their shape,” she explains. She’s even figured out that he’s part of the Brotherhood of Serapis.

But what happened to Danny? And what does Lexi reveal about what the two of them found? And most importantly, can she escape? Watch the clip below.

Blood & Treasure, Tuesdays, 10/9c, CBS