‘America’s Got Talent’: 7 Auditions From Week 2 Worth Watching (VIDEO)

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Trae Patton/NBC (2); Justin Lubin/NBC

Whether you tune in to America’s Got Talent to be wowed, scared or moved, the second week of auditions had something for everyone.

From original songs (including one that led to a Golden Buzzer) to terrifying acts, from entertaining performances to the next generation of a previous AGT act, judges Simon Cowell, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough and Howie Mandel were amazed by those on the stage.

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Highlights include musical performances, magic tricks, and a dangerous stunt.

Check out some of the highlights as auditions continued and then vote for your favorite performance in the poll below.

Contortionist Jonathan Burns Put on a Good Show

The performer took the stage in a suitcase, and from there he contorted his body through a toilet seat and tennis racket and was just downright fun to watch.

The Emerald Belles’ High-Kick Routine Hit Every Mark

This dance group was very impressive and even received a standing ovation from Cowell, who urged the audience to boo louder after Mandel said no. (The other three judges said yes, so they did advance.)

The Messoudi Brothers Demonstrated Balance and Strength

In a performance that got progressively more difficult, at one point one of the brothers held the other two up only by his feet. For some added fun, watch until the end, when host Terry Crews joined the act.

It’s Hard to Watch Karamjit and Kawaljit of Bir Khalsa

One member of this danger act had salt poured over his closed eyes and was blindfolded before smashing coconuts and melons around another — including one very close to his head.

Light Balance Kids Proved the Next Generation Is Just as Fun

After seeing the act Light Balance on AGT, this group of kids thought it was magic and put together their own impressive light up dance routine.

Nicholas Wallace Terrified Judges

The magician brought a supposedly haunted chair and creepy doll on stage — and called up Union to participate in the act. The other judges were shocked when she raised her arm when he raised the doll’s.

Joseph Allen’s Original Song Got Him the Golden Buzzer

“After today, the world’s gonna know my name,” he sang, and he was right. He received the Golden Buzzer from Mandel for his original song about AGT.

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