‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 14 Premiere: 6 Auditions Worth Watching (VIDEO)

AGT 1401
Trae Patton/NBC; Justin Lubin/NBC (2)

America’s Got Talent is back with a new season and new judges, but it continues to feature memorable auditions.

From musical performances to magic tricks to crazy stunts, the Season 14 premiere included something for all viewers. One act even received the Golden Buzzer from Gabrielle Union, sending him straight to the finals.

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'AGT' Newbies Gabrielle Union & Julianne Hough on Their Judging Styles, Favorite Acts

Plus, their first impressions of Howie and Simon, what surprised them most, and an exclusive sneak peek!

Check out some of the highlights from the first round of auditions, then vote for your favorite performance in the poll below.

Kodi Lee Received the Golden Buzzer

Kodi is blind and autistic, and he’s loved music from early on. Music and performing “saved his life,” according to his mother. After singing and playing the piano, he not only received a standing ovation, but also the Golden Buzzer.

The Human Fuse Lit Himself on Fire

After his wife lit him on fire, he was shot 110 feet into the air from a giant crossbow. He ranked it as 10 out of 10 on the danger scale and said he wants to win AGT so he can quit doing these crazy stunts.

Teen Sang About Being Bullied

Fifteen-year-old Sophie Pecora sang and rapped an original song about her experiences at school and wanted to make sure everyone knows others are bullied, too. She received a standing ovation.

Magic With Cards and Coins

Magician Eric Chien wowed the judges and audience with his tricks involving cards, from changing their color to turning them into coins.

More Than a Pianist

Patrizio Ratto surprised the judges and audiences by breaking up his classical piano and playing with some impressive dance moves.

Dance Crew From Mumbai Flipped Across the Stage

V. Unbeatable got to live their dream of performing on America’s Got Talent with an impressive show that used the entire stage.

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