How Will Connor Rhodes Leave ‘Chicago Med’? 7 Theories for the Season 4 Finale

Chicago Med - Season 4 - Colin Donnell
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Chicago Med is saying goodbye to Colin Donnell’s Connor Rhodes in the Season 4 finale, and the good news is that the probability that he’s leaving in a body bag is low.

The bad news is that he is leaving, and it’s going to be a major loss to the show — and the hospital. After all, the series premiere began with him in a train accident on the way to work, and he’s the one who brought the hybrid OR to the ER (and led the team) which has come in handy to save multiple lives this season. However he leaves, Chicago Med is going to have to fill the hole left behind in cardiothoracic and trauma surgery by his exit.

In the most recent episode, “Forever Hold Your Peace,” Connor had to come to terms with the fact that what he remembered about his childhood wasn’t the complete truth, and his mother wasn’t around as often as he thought she was. He blamed his father’s affairs for her suicide, but, as Robin (Mekia Cox) explained, he was just trying to make sense of it.

Along those lines, Connor wondered what else he may have been “inventing,” including the accusations he made against Ava (Norma Kuhling). What was the truth about her and her father? Did she really only accidentally get cut with the scalpel in the OR?

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Will any of this play a role in his exit? Here are seven ways Connor could be leaving Med.

He Takes a Leave from the Hospital

What if his exit isn’t framed as permanent, at least not yet? After losing his father, he could decide he needs to take a step back from work and take a sabbatical, only for the Season 5 premiere to reveal it’s permanent and he’s moved somewhere else.

Connor Receives Another Job Offer

At the end of Season 3, Connor had received a job offer at the Mayo Clinic, but he ended up not taking it and staying at Med. What if he receives another offer — at the Mayo Clinic or somewhere else — and thinks that it’s best that he leave Chicago behind?

He Leaves to Find Himself

After realizing he was wrong about parts of his childhood, he could decide to take a step back and leave Chicago for good. His career could be up in the air.

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He Leaves to Be With Robin

Whether or not that means moving to Minneapolis is unclear, given Robin’s mother’s health. It’ll likely depend on how they leave Caroline (and Dr. Charles) at the end of the finale. But it is possible that, however Connor exits, Robin is part of his future.

Connor’s Exit is Tied to Ava’s

Donnell isn’t the only one leaving in the finale. Kuhling is as well, and it is possible that their exits are somehow connected, whether through their past (and maybe future) romantic relationship or something that happens in the finale, professionally or personally.

He Dies

This is the least likely, though it is always possible that there’s an attack or accident of some sort and Connor dies as a result.

It’s Unclear by the End of the Finale

What if his exit isn’t entirely set in stone at the end of the episode? Yaya DaCosta told TVLine she’s “not sure” about how Chicago Med will be saying goodbye to Connor or Ava. “That was ‘newer news,’ so we have to just wait and see how it plays out,” she said. It is entirely possible that fans will have to wait until Season 5 to get the full story on why Connor is no longer at Med.

Sound off with your theories and thoughts on Connor’s upcoming exit.

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