Why Jackson Probably Isn’t Dead After the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15 Finale

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UPDATED (6/10/2019):

Should we be worried about Jackson after the Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 finale or not?

Jesse Williams just signed a new contract that keeps him on the show through Season 17, according to Deadline, so it doesn’t seem like fans need to worry too much about what happened to him when he disappeared into the fog.

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In response to the news of his contract meaning he’s “probably fine,” Williams agreed with “probably” in a tweet that also included emojis of animals. Should we be reading into the animals he used — maybe he’ll get attacked by a raccoon or a bear or an eagle or a spider? Or is all just in good fun? Chances are it’s the latter.

But it’s also possible that the cliffhanger will kick off his Season 16 storyline, given that the report also noted that the actor “will likely do a limited number of episodes of Grey’s Anatomy next season” due to his part in a Broadway revival of Take Me Out.

Could Jackson be injured or inspired to change something about his life as a result of what happens to him? Or maybe the explanation for his potential “limited” appearances will come later in the season?

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ORIGINAL STORY (5/21/2019):

The Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 finale featured staff changes at the hospital and at least one character facing jail time, but it’s possible that one series regular may not be back in the fall.

Jackson and Maggie (Kelly McCreary) had been on a camping trip (which did not go well at all) when she was called back to the hospital. However, fog rolled in, and Jackson was forced to pull over on the side of the road because he couldn’t see a thing. He left Maggie in the car, but he still hadn’t returned by the end of the finale. How worried should Maggie and fans be about him?

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Showrunner Krista Vernoff called his situation “worrisome” in an interview with TVLine, pointing out that we don’t know “why Jackson disappeared into the fog.” There had been a multi-car pileup, but it’s unclear if Jackson is missing because he’s helping others or if he himself got into trouble.

“It was a creative decision. It was a cliffhanger,” Vernoff said of that ending for Jackson to The Hollywood Reporter. “I want people to come back [in the fall] and talk all summer and wonder what happens to him. We have not mapped it out. The writers come back June 3, I’m on vacation for two weeks and then we’ll hit it.”

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But would Grey’s Anatomy really kill off Jackson? The show is known for drama and OMG moments, and when better to truly affect his girlfriend, Maggie, with that loss than when their relationship is on shaky ground?

On the other hand, that’s precisely why he’s probably not dead. There’s just too much to still unpack from the couple’s argument in the finale. Furthermore, as THR noted, Williams is still a series regular, unless that changes.

Instead, it’s more likely that he and Maggie will remain separated at least in the beginning of the Season 16 premiere, especially if there isn’t a time jump. If the premiere doesn’t pick up right where (or soon after) the finale left off, the show could also leave fans wondering about Jackson’s fate for a little while longer.

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