11 Burning Questions After ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Shocking Season 15 Finale (PHOTOS)

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Greys Jackson

Where’s Jackson?

With the fog too thick to see, Jackson gets out of the car to take a look around. But he never returns to the car, and the episode ends with Maggie yelling for him. What happened to him? Is he injured? Did he get held up helping someone else?

Greys Meredith

Will Meredith turn herself in?

Meredith visits Andrew after he turned himself into the police and tells him to let her clean up her mess. “What I did was wrong, but what I was trying to remedy was so much more wrong, and I stand by that,” she says. She tells him she has to turn herself in and get him out of there. We don’t see her actually turning herself in, so what she does next is a question for Season 16.

Greys Richard Meredith Alex

Meredith, Alex, and Richard are going to be back at Grey Sloan soon, right?

Meredith tells Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Catherine (Debbie Allen) that she was the one to put her daughter’s name down so a patient could have surgery, not Andrew. Alex and Richard admit they both knew about it. In response, Bailey fires them all.

But they’re not really fired, right? Unfortunately, they are. “I hate it more than you do,” Bailey tells Alex.

Greys Andrew

How long will Andrew be in prison?

This all depends on what Meredith does next. It likely won’t be for too long, especially considering she tells him she loves him, a big moment for her and something that obviously needs to be explored moving forward. But it is also probable that he’ll start next season in the exact same position he’s in now, depending on how much time passes.

Greys Jo Alex

What comes next for Jo and Alex’s marriage?

First, Jo needs to take care of herself, but the future looks brighter for their relationship than it does for her right now. “We’ll figure it out,” he promises her. It may simply be a question of when they’ll talk about everything, since Meredith is the one to tell Alex about Jo’s parents and the couple has yet to discuss it on-screen.

Greys Jo

Will Jo get the help she needs and be able to return to work?

Jo is seeking help for her depression in the inpatient psychiatry wing of the hospital, and Bailey assures Alex she’ll be okay, after medication and therapy. “She’s depressed. It’s scary. It’s hard, but it’s treatable,” she says. This isn’t something with a set timeline, so it’s really a question of how much time she’ll need, when Season 16 picks up, and how she may approach work differently when she’s ready to return.

Greys Teddy Owen

Will it be smooth sailing for Owen and Teddy?

Just because they’ve both acknowledged their feelings doesn’t mean things will be easy. They’re going to be raising a baby together at the same time as they, presumably, will also be dealing with a romantic side of their relationship. (Granted, we also don’t know if they will get together.)

Greys Tom

Is Koracick putting together that nursery for nothing?

Teddy may have wanted to tell Owen she loved him, but it’s Owen who makes the grand confession while she’s in labor and he’s at her side. Meanwhile, Koracick (Greg Germann) is basically forgotten as he puts together a nursery to ready it for the baby’s arrival.

But is it all for nothing? Is this the end of Teddy and Koracick’s relationship?

ABC/Jessica Brooks

Is there a real future for Amelia and Link?

Amelia recognizes she “jumped into” him too fast after things with Owen fell apart. She agrees Link (Chris Carmack) started out as a rebound, but that may not still be true. “I’m open to possibilities, and that could include you,” she tells him, but she can’t decide just yet. “I need time to figure out who I am outside of Owen.”

With Carmack a series regular for Season 16, it’s likely that their relationship will be revisited.

Greys Maggie Jackson

Do Maggie and Jackson have a future?

Maggie and Jackson’s camping trip wasn’t going well before the fog and Jackson’s disappearance. They snap at each other about their different pasts and how they played a role in their predicament trekking through the woods and trying to get back to the hospital. She admits that while he loves her, she doesn’t think he likes her. Nothing is resolved when Jackson leaves the car.

Greys Nico Schmitt

What’s the future look like for Schmitt and Nico?

Nico (Alex Landi) hasn’t had it easy lately after he accidentally killed a patient, but things are looking up for his and Schmitt’s (Jake Borelli) relationship as they talked things out in the finale and Schmitt introduced him to his mother as his boyfriend. It may not be easy, but there is hope for those two.

Still, their relationship won’t solve Nico’s problems at the hospital, so that’s something he’ll have to work through.

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[Warning: The below and gallery above contain MAJOR spoilers for the Season 15 finale of Grey’s Anatomy, “Jump Into the Fog.”]

Grey’s Anatomy is known for its OMG moments, and the Season 15 finale doesn’t disappoint in that regard.

Though Andrew (Giacomo Gianniotti) took the blame for Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) fraud, she is convinced she can take responsibility and not get in trouble. Sadly, that is not the case — nor can Alex (Justin Chambers) and Richard (James Pickens Jr.) try to help her and not suffer consequences either.

Meanwhile, fog covers Seattle as everyone tries to get to the hospital: Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Teddy (Kim Raver) when Teddy goes into labor, Owen (Kevin McKidd) with the blood donor for Gus, and Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Jackson (Jesse Williams) so she can perform Gus’ surgery. Jo (Camilla Luddington), ready to take leave from the hospital, must jump in to help at Grey Sloan.

But in the end, most things work out. Teddy gives birth and Owen confesses his love. (Sorry, Koracick?) They get blood to Gus in time. Jo asks for help. There are, however, some things that don’t.

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