‘Whiskey Cavalier’ Series Finale Trailer: How Does Frankie Feel About Will? (VIDEO)

Whiskey Cavalier

Whiskey Cavalier may have been canceled after only one season, but at least it looks like the finale is going to address many of the lingering questions going into it.

In “Czech Mate,” Will’s (Scott Foley) former boss and Big Bad Alex Ollerman (Dylan Walsh) tries to force the team to commit a terrorist attack for The Trust using Ray’s (Josh Hopkins) life as leverage. Also, Jai (Vir Das) helps Standish (Tyler James Williams) deal with a revelation about his girlfriend, Tina (Marika Domińczyk), and Will and Frankie (Lauren Cohan) come to a realization about their relationship.

That’s all seen in the series finale trailer. Will and Ray are working together, which obviously makes the latter happy. Tina tells Standish she killed Will’s girlfriend, Emma.

But Ray’s not the only one in Ollerman’s clutches. And just how close will Will and Frankie get? Watch the trailer below.

The series has been one of ABC’s lowest-rated of the season, and news of its cancelation didn’t affect the ratings of Wednesday’s penultimate episode.

“It was a tough decision, it was the last decision we made,” ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke said at the Disney Upfront Tuesday. “We thought we gave it very strong launch in spring. But we lost audience. … We looked for other time slots but did not see a real opportunity to grow.”

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. TV is trying to find it another home.

Whiskey Cavalier, Series Finale, Wednesday, May 22, 10/9c, ABC