‘Arrow’: Oliver Gets Some (Chicago) Medical Attention From an Old Friend (VIDEO)


It’s absolutely fitting not just that Tommy Merlyn is returning to Arrow, but also how he’s making another ghostly visit to Oliver tonight — we’re still crushed that Colin Donnell was killed off in Season 1!

Sandwiched between slabs of concrete after having a building brought down on him and the team by Awful Emiko (Sea Shimooka) at the end of last week’s hour, the Emerald Archer (Stephen Amell) is reunited with his old bestie during what appears to be a concussion-related delusion.

In this exclusive clip from the episode, “Living Proof,” the now-bearded and still-smokin’ Tommy — who has popped up in the past in flashbacks, fantasy sequences and alternate worlds — tells Oliver that it’s either a hallucination or PTSD. After all, his situation is perilously close to the same way young Mr. Merlyn perished in the Glades earthquake while trying to save Laurel (Katie Cassidy). The original one, that is.

Of course, the scene also adds an ironic insult to Oliver’s injury and Donnell’s appearance: Since Tommy was fatally skewered by rebar in back 2013, Donnell has been starring on NBC’s Chicago Med, so we got a giggle out of the idea that Merlyn would have any sort of medical know-how to help pop his buddy’s shoulder back into place.

But then we got pissed again that the actor was just written off of that series. Hopefully, the Arrow powers-that-be figure out a way to bring in like, an Earth-18 version of Tommy for a longer stay during the superhero show’s upcoming final season.

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