Syd & Nancy’s ‘Uncomfortable’ Pasts Will Pop up on ‘L.A.’s Finest’

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Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba brandishing weapons and bantering, buddy-cop style?

Well, that makes up for the Cagney & Lacey reboot that never was. In the action-packed extravaganza of L.A.’s Finest, former Miami-based DEA agent Syd Burnett (Union, reviving her character from 2003’s hit Martin Lawrence-Will Smith film sequel Bad Boys II) is now in L.A. chasing baddies with her new by-the-book detective partner, Nancy McKenna (Alba).

“We get to kick ass,” raves Alba, who exec produces along with Union and Jerry Bruckheimer (Top Gun, CSI).

Glib, Ducati-riding Syd hooks up with guys via an app. (“I had to learn to ride a motorcycle,” says Union.) Nancy’s off-duties include helping her DA husband (Devious Maids Ryan McPartlin) raise his feisty teen daughter, just part of the drama that’ll unspool weekly over 13 episodes.

“Syd and Nancy are both forced to deal with uncomfortable stuff from the past,” says Alba, “but they still have to solve cases.” First up: protecting a young boy who becomes the target of a powerful cartel.

With another Bad Boys sequel coming next year, the stars tease that Lawrence (as Syd’s brother) and Smith (Syd’s former love) could pop up here to assist. But for now, L.A.‘s duo are doing just fine on their own.

Union says her offscreen bond with Alba is so strong, the writers sometimes steal their quips. “We’ll [get a script] and be like, ‘We said that! You were listening!'”

L.A.’s Finest, Series Premiere, Monday, May 13, Spectrum