‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ Gets a Gritty Movie ‘Reboot’ Trailer (VIDEO)

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank

What if instead of Fresh Prince of Bel Air being a sitcom about charming and silly Will Smith moving from Philadelphia to California, it was actually a dark, moody, and complicated movie?

Well, now we can see what that would look like…. kind of. A major Fresh Prince superfan, Morgan Cooper, released a fake movie trailer this week revealing what it would be like if the show was a drama.

“Like most ’90s kids, I grew up watching Fresh Prince,” Cooper tweeted with the trailer attached.

“Even as a kid, I always thought there was more to the story… so I decided to make this. S/O to incredible team who worked on this!”

In the trailer, Will is forced to move to Bel-Air from Philadelphia due to gang violence and police brutality.

The trailer has already racked up millions of views and has caught the eye of a few celebrities, including Will Smith himself!

“A lot has happened in the last 48 hours and continues to happen. People have really taken to this,” Cooper told OkPlayer.

“I felt like growing up I always thought there was more to the story more behind the sitcom format. I thought, ‘Wow, we could take this story and really ground it in reality in a really dramatic way.’”

Fans also really responded to the trailer and many asked for Cooper to make the film!