Will Nic’s Sister Get a Kidney in ‘The Resident’ Season 2 Finale? (VIDEO)

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 2, Episode 22 of The Resident, “Broker and Broker.”]

There is a line that The Resident‘s Nic (Emily VanCamp) won’t cross to get her sister a kidney, but that means that Jessie (Julianna Guill) only has one option left: Kyle (Corbin Bernsen).

In “Broker and Broker,” Alec (Miles Gaston Villanueva) introduces Nic to an organ broker, Elliott (John Noble), but she refuses to buy a kidney. “That is not an option,” she insists — until Jessie gets worse.

Jessie gets her 60-day sobriety chip, meaning she’ll be eligible for a kidney in four months. But she can’t wait that long, not after her doctor tells her she’s in heart failure. Nic tries to convince Dr. Bell (Bruce Greenwood) to make an exception and move up the timeline for Jessie’s transplant eligibility.

But nothing works, not even reminding him that he approved the drug trial that caused her sister’s kidney failure, just for a pay day.

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Jessie’s running out of time, but she points out it doesn’t matter since she’s not on the transplant list. Refusing to give up, Nic turns to Elliott again. He assures her she doesn’t have to worry about Jessie not being on the transplant list because “doctors can be bought, just like kidneys.”

After Conrad (Matt Czuchry) puts the pieces together, he acts as Nic’s conscience. “What you’re thinking of doing is awful,” he says, but he admits he’d do “anything” for Nic in the same position.

Though Kyle is still unreachable, Nic can’t go through with buying the kidney. “Elliott takes advantage of these people. It’s disgusting,” she tells Conrad. “Even if this transplant goes well, Jessie will always be an addict in recovery. I need to be better for her, someone that she can look up to.”

The good news is Conrad convinces Bell to put Jessie on the transplant list at Chastain, by offering him “something big in return.” (How is this going to come back to bite Conrad?)

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They just need a kidney, and that means trying to convince Kyle to change his mind and save his daughter’s life in the Season 2 finale.

Nic manages to do just that, and Kyle goes into surgery in the trailer, but something goes wrong. A member of the medical staff in the operating room collapses, unhooking Kyle from some of the equipment. Mina (Shaunette Renée Wilson) has to keep Nic from entering the room. Is Nic going to lose both her father and her sister?

“In many ways, nobody is safe,” executive producer Todd Harthan told TVLine when previewing what’s to come for Nic’s family in the finale. Is it possible that Jessie will get her kidney in the finale, but the sisters will lose their father?

After all, Nic tells Kyle, “it’s going to be okay,” before his surgery. That means it probably won’t be.

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