‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: Jake and Amy’s ‘Casecation’ Turns Explosive (RECAP)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 6
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It’s telling that there’s an actual bomb in this episode, but that isn’t the scariest thing about this half-hour of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

“Casecation” starts out smooth but delves into some pretty rocky territory, fast. Jake and Amy have both been busy with work to the point where they’re barely seeing each other, so Jake proposes a case-vacation (hence, “casecation”) so they can spend time together. Spending time together reveals an important subject they disagree on, and their opposing views both spark a literal debate and call their marriage into question. Can “Peraltiago” solve its problems?

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Happy Memories, Troubling Revelations

The episode opens with Jake taking on a new case involving a comatose mobster named Rojas. Jake invites Amy to join him at the hospital, considering their anniversary is coming up and they don’t have anything planned. They’ve both been busy with work, and Jake says this’ll be a loophole; they can talk while still getting work done. Holt approves this plan, given Jake’s track record of irresponsibility, and they’re set.

Jake sets up the hospital room with twinkly lights, cheese and wine, and he and Amy reflect on their marriage. They talk about their top five moments from the past year including accidentally switching contacts, sharing an Uber Pool with “Michael Caine” (the man in the car definitely wasn’t Michael Caine), the time Jake put socks on Amy’s feet while she slept on the coldest night of the year, etc. An elderly woman named Pam interrupts them before they can get to number one, and she freaks out about how cute they are. Pam’s inquiry into whether they have kids sparks some disagreement when Amy tells her they’re thinking of trying, but Jake later tells his wife he’s not sure he wants kids.

A Debate

The core of their disagreement boils down to a misinterpretation: Amy showed Jake a picture of a kid on a waterslide, and when she said “we should do that someday,” Jake took it to mean visiting the waterpark, not having a child. (Really, Jake? Really?!?) To resolve this conflict, the pair have a structured debate. Predictably, Amy’s well-prepared and Jake’s not quite as ready to have an evidence-based talk, but they make progress.

The core of Jake’s fear comes down to his issues with his own dad. Based on his not-so-great family history, he’s worried about messing up as a father the way his dad did with him. “I’m scared, okay?” he says. “I’m scared I’ll make a mistake I can’t take back.” He doesn’t want to bring a child into the world unless he’s sure he can take care of it, and Amy looks disappointed.

Starting Over?

Amy and Jake have another talk. Amy apologizes for trying to solve the problem with a debate, and Jake suggests pressing pause on the conversation. Amy isn’t willing to press pause, though, and she says she needs an answer soon. “I don’t want to start over at thirty-eight,” she says, and Jake’s upset to hear she could even consider starting over with someone else.

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Holt sends Terry and Rosa to the hospital just in case whoever tried to kill Rojas comes back to finish the job. Terry arrives singing and dancing, ready to celebrate Jake and Amy’s “casecation,” but his cheerfulness doesn’t match the vibe in the room. Amy leaves with Rosa and Jake stays with Terry, and both of their co-workers reinforce their views (Rosa thinks Amy should have kids, but Terry tells Jake he won’t survive if he isn’t sure he wants them).

The subject is put on hold as they apprehend a suspect with a photo of the comatose mobster, but that man ends up being a distraction. Jake sprints back to the hospital room and finds Pam — sweet, elderly Pam — standing over Rojas’ bed with a bomb. “Don’t come any closer, or I’ll blow us both up!” she says.

A Real Anniversary

After a lengthy debate, Jake convinces Pam to hand him the bomb. After it’s all over and he’s safe, Amy rushes to him. She tells Jake she requested the next week off so they can go to a waterpark, and Jake tells her he’s thought about it and he does want to have kids.

Debating with Pam, he says, proved to him that he can be scared and not mess things up. They discuss how they’ll know when they’re both ready to start a family (“I guess we’ll have to have another one of these fun conversations,” Amy says), and as they leave the hospital, they talk about baby names.

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Other Observations:

  • This might be my favorite episode of the season so far. Though it’s always nice to see Jake and Amy getting along and being adorable, it’s good to show happily married couples disagreeing and working through their troubles without several episodes of drama or a breakup.
  • What was the number one moment for Jake and Amy’s marriage in the past year? Will we ever find out? The people have a right to know!
  • Terry telling Jake about the realities of having kids was almost as funny as Rosa telling Amy she should have them. Who would’ve thought Rosa would hold that opinion on the subject?

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