Did ‘American Idol’ Work Without Ryan Seacrest? Fans React

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There was something different about American Idol during the Monday, April 8, broadcast, and it wasn’t just the All-Star Duets. Series host since day one, Ryan Seacrest, was noticeably absent from the episode, which finalized Season 17’s Top 14.

Instead, mentor Bobby Bones stepped up to the plate and filled in as interim host while Seacrest was reportedly sick. The original host revealed the news in a short video message explaining the reason behind his absence.

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“Welcome to American Idol, tonight is a unique show for me because it’s the first time in seventeen seasons that I have missed the show. The fact is, I woke up and was having a terrible hair day and just couldn’t go out in public,” Seacrest joked. “No, I really had to cash in on my very first sick day, but a friend and mentor, Bobby Bones was kind enough to fill in,” he explained.

The video was posted on Seacrest’s Twitter page before the episode aired on Monday and was captioned: “Told the #AmericanIdol team no spoilers so I can be like everyone at home watching tonight ;) Thanks again @mrBobbyBones for stepping in last minute! #IdolDuets.”

Seacrest also explained in an earlier tweet that he had been sick during the time of taping as the Duets were filmed prior to Monday’s airtime. “Tonight’s show is going to be a little different — I was sick when we shot this so my buddy and our #AmericanIdol mentor @mrbobbybones filled in! So if you’re watching and think I got new glasses/grew an extra inch, I unfortunately did not. #IdolDuets”

The show’s judges, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie also acknowledged Seacrest’s absence online.

“Proof that @ryanseacrest is human after all 😱🤖 And it only took 17 years for you to use your sick day, not bad #AmericanIdol 💅🏻#getbettersoonryan,” Perry tweeted.

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[email protected] we missed you for this one! Really thought you might be a robot but glad you’re feeling better. Haha #AmericanIdol,” Bryan wrote.

Meanwhile, Richie tweeted, “Wow, @ryanseacrest missing an @AmericanIdol show day is crazy! Hardest working guy in the business! #AmericanIdol #IdolDuets.”

Bobby Bones thanked Seacrest online as well when he tweeted, “what a show tonight #AmericanIdol . and thanks to @RyanSeacrest for trusting me to hold his spot as best I could.”

Below, we’re taking a look at some of the fan reactions to Bobby filling in for Ryan and the response was fairly positive. So positive, in fact, that some are hopeful for a full takeover.

What could it mean for the future of Idol? Bones was a fan-favorite during his season of Dancing with the Stars (which he also won), so it wouldn’t be surprising for ABC to bulk up his responsibilities on the show with more potential fill-ins for Ryan.

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