‘Good Girls’ Sneak Peek: Rio Sees Something Special in Beth (VIDEO)

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It’s obvious that Beth (Christina Hendricks) never imagined she would turn to a life of crime, but in Good Girls‘ upcoming episode, she’ll be faced with an even bigger decision — whether or not to start overseeing criminal activities.

After last week’s wild episode, “You Have Reached the Voicemail of Leslie Peterson,” Rio (Manny Montana) is setting his sights on Beth as his new point person in this exclusive clip for TV Insider.

We already know Rio wanted Boomer (David Hornsby) taken care of, but [Spoiler], Mary Pat (Allison Tolman) had already handled that with her car.

So when Beth meets Rio at the bar in this tension-filled clip, the two discuss business, including who will take over running things. “You did it, you’re a boss now,” he says to Beth.

(Credit: Scott Green/NBC)

He tries to order her a drink, guessing a rosé would be her taste, but she reminds him that it’s 10 a.m. and declines the offer. Rio then points out, “I’m giving you the keys to the kingdom here.”

“I think you could be something,” he continues to the baffled housewife, who maintains she doesn’t want the job and states that she wants to be a good person.


“No, you’re way more interesting than that,” he shoots back.

So, will Beth take Rio up on his offer? Find out in “Pick Your Poison” when it airs March 24 on NBC. Until then, check out the clip below and decide for yourself.

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