Hynek & Quinn Prepare a Game-Changing Report in the ‘Project Blue Book’ Season Finale (VIDEO)

Eduardo Araquel/HISTORY

If you want to believe, Project Blue Book has some solid evidence coming your way.

In this week’s season finale, History’s hit drama about the government’s Cold War search into extraterrestrial life digs into the files for an hour based on a jaw-dropping real-life event.

In addition, the episode furthers explores how Hynek (Aidan Gillen) and Quinn (Michael Malarkey) plan to continue their work, who is pulling the strings and why Secretary of Defense Fairchild (Robert John Burke) should be watching his back as well as the skies.

History Keeps 'Project Blue Book' Open for a Second SeasonSee Also

History Keeps 'Project Blue Book' Open for a Second Season

History's UFO hit has plenty of declassified info to pull from.

In this exclusive clip from “The Washington Merry Go-Round,” Hynek and Quinn ready their latest report about one of the splashiest UFO sightings ever, fully aware of the fallout the awaits them, while Fairchild possibly winds up in the crosshairs for funding their research.

Keep your eyes on what Hynek is typing: There are certain details that may help you figure out what they have witnessed.

Project Blue Book, Season 1 finale, Tuesday, March 12, 10/9c, History