Hannah B. Will Be the Next ‘Bachelorette’ — And Here’s Why

Hannah Brown Bachelorette
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If you’ve been wondering who will be the next Bachelorette star, you’re not alone. Thanks to The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss, who has been relentless about teasing the potential options on Twitter, fans of the show have been trying to figure out who’s going to land the coveted gig. Will it be someone from Colton Underwood‘s Season 23? A previous season? Khloe Kardashian? (I kid, I kid.)

Based on what happened during The Women Tell All, it definitely looks like Hannah Brown (aka Hannah B.) is the frontrunner for the role. Although we always have to be prepared for a last minute switch-up (hello, JoJo Fletcher/Nick Viall/Arie Luyendyk Jr.!), all signs are currently pointing in the direction of the Alabama native.

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Plus, 'Bachelor' contestant Hannah B. reveals whether she'd be interested in the gig.

She was given redemption for her cringeworthy speech.

We all remember — or maybe we’d like to forget — the awkward as ever speech that Hannah was asked to give while on the first one-on-one date of the season with Colton. While he was looking for something along the lines of, “Cheers to a great new journey! I’m excited for what’s to come,” she managed to spit out a few “ums” and “likes” before ending with “roll tide.” Clearly not Bachelorette material … or so we thought.

During her interview with Chris Harrison on The Women Tell All, he handed her a glass of champagne and asked her to make another toast.

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The recently-eliminated contestant is a frontrunner to be the Season 15 star, but she may not be jumping at the opportunity.

“Cheers to this beautiful day together, new experiences, and continuing to be honest, real, every moment we have together, and roll tide!” she said with a laugh. Now that’s Bachelorette material.


To make things even more obvious, The Bachelor‘s official Instagram page posted the above photo with the caption, “Second time’s the charm” with a wink emoji. Oh, we see what you’re doing there…

She stayed out of the drama.

When the girls in the house made accusations against finalist Caelynn Miller-Keyes regarding her authenticity, Hannah could’ve easily chimed in with some digs of her own due to their rocky history. But she kept it classy, like a good Bachelorette would, which is telling enough as it is.


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When Chris Harrison asked about the drama she once had with Caelynn, she politely responded that she didn’t want to rehash it. “We’re like oil and water. We just don’t mix,” she said. Caelynn agreed and added that they’re now “supportive” of one another and in a good place.

She was given closure with Colton.

Can’t start a new chapter until she closes the old one. Despite being blindsided by her earlier-than-expected departure from the show, she doesn’t hold any grudges toward Colton. When given the opportunity to speak with him during the Women Tell All, she admitted that although he hurt her, she still thinks very fondly of him and appreciates the time they spent together.

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She’s surpassed her competition.

A quick look through Twitter and Instagram would easily indicate that not only is Hannah B. the fan favorite to become the next season’s lead, but more importantly, that Caelynn — who was once the frontrunner for the job — isn’t.


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