‘The Bachelor’ Episode 10: Colton’s Women Tell All (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert
Eric McCandless/ABC

[SPOILER ALERT: This recap features spoilers from Season 23, Episode 10 of The Bachelor.]

After a super emotional Fantasy Suite episode which ended in Colton Underwood jumping a fence and possibly quitting The Bachelor, it’s time for a little change of scenery. On Tuesday night, Colton reunited with his contestants for Women Tell All, and they definitely brought the drama.

Not only did he have to answer to ladies like Caelynn and Hannah B., but Chris Harrison also questioned him about that fence jump. So how did it all pan out?

Bullying in the Bachelor Mansion

Before they had the chance to confront Colton, the women confronted each other — and that meant they hashed out a lot of the drama that went down in the Bachelor mansion, even though they were screaming over each other for most of the time.

Caelynn also tried to explain that when she said that she hoped she’d be the next Bachelorette, it was only because she told Cassie that she hoped that if she ended up with Colton, Cassie would be the Bachelorette, and vice versa. But Katie swore that once again this was Caelynn being manipulative, which left Hannah B. looking very vindicated.

But Courtney and Demi had the fight of the night, which ended in Courtney stuffing a pacifier in Demi’s mouth because she called her the “cancer of the house” and Courtney thought that Demi was immature. Demi didn’t seem too bothered by it though — she’s always been the kind to play that kind of thing off.

Hannah B. in the Hot Seat

The last time we saw Hannah B., Colton sent her home the same day she met his parents, and she seemed totally blindsided by the fact that he didn’t return her feelings that late in the game. She admitted to Chris that she has a hard time being vulnerable, but she was with Colton — and being on The Bachelor made her realize she was looking for so much more out of her life. Maybe like being the Bachelorette?

Caelynn’s Turn

Caelynn opened up about how difficult it was for her when Colton ended things with her; having a hometown date with him only for him to decide to send her home sent her a lot of mixed signals. After all, didn’t they have a connection if he wanted to meet their family?

“He told me he was falling in love with me since Singapore. That’s a long time to be falling in love with someone. And I was just left standing there like, ‘What the hell happened?'” she said.

Colton’s Fence Jump

Although he (obviously) didn’t answer any of the burning questions we have about Cassie and the rest of the emotional rollercoaster that unfolded on Monday night’s episode, Colton did admit that he thought he was going to land on a snack tent or a production guy when he jumped over that tent. And at the time, he was dealing with a lot of fear of ending up alone.

“It was confusing. It was hard,” he said. “You’re not automatically just going to be in a relationship just because you became The Bachelor.”

It all continues on Monday night, when we finally find out what happens after Colton leaps that fence. Could it get any more dramatic than it already is? Knowing this show, probably.

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