First Look: ‘Good Trouble’ EP Joanna Johnson Guest Stars as Rebecca’s Mom (PHOTOS)


Joanna Johnson (The Fosters; Good Trouble) segued from being a popular actress in daytime drama to being a successful showrunner/writer. But now, she’s stepping back in front of the camera on the March 5 episode of Good Trouble titled “Willful Blindness.”

The former Bold and the Beautiful actress is going to play Diana, the mother of Molly McCook’s Rebecca, a law clerk who works alongside Callie (Maia Mitchell).

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Plus, the 'Bold and the Beautiful' alum looks back on her time playing Caroline Spencer on the CBS daytime drama.

“We thought it would be kind of funny if I played [Rebecca’s mom] since I had been on a soap opera with her [real-life] dad [John McCook, Eric, B&B],” says Johnson, adding with a wry smile, “I think it convinced me that I chose the right path going behind the camera.”

Johnson’s character, Diana, is the daughter of a U.S. Senator. She comes from a wealthy and powerful conservative family. She’s always been careful not to do anything that might reflect poorly on the family name and expects the same from her daughter.

Joanna Johnson and Molly McCook on Good Trouble (Freeform/Richard Cartwright)

While Johnson does occasionally pop up on B&B as Karen Spencer, the twin of the late Caroline, she says it was a bit of a challenge changing hats and playing a character once more.

“It made me nervous because this is the crew and cast that I’m supposed to be show-running, and here I am on the other side of the camera. I kept forgetting my lines so… they put me in the gag reel,” she says.

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