‘Last Man Standing’ Sneak Peek: Mike Gets Excited Over Mandy & Kyle’s Possible Move-Out (VIDEO)

Last Man Standing moving out clip

The Baxter household could become a little less full after this Friday’s Last Man Standing episode, “Arrest Her Development.”

On February 22, Vanessa (Nancy Travis) will help Mandy (Molly McCook) and Kyle (Christoph Sanders) look for an apartment. Meanwhile, Mike (Tim Allen) will be caught up in Ryan’s (Jordan Masterson) business and embracing of capitalism.

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Ahead of the episode’s airing, TV Insider has your exclusive first look with a brand-new clip.

Kicking things off in the Baxter kitchen, Mike and Vanessa share their plans for the day. Mike talks about popping into Ryan’s “pot shop” while making fun of the many names each strain has. “I remember when it was all just called whatever Jill’s boyfriend has,” Vanessa jokes.

As for Vanessa, she reveals her plans to apartment-hunt with Mandy and Kyle, and his reaction is nothing short of gleeful. The news even brings him to happy dance, but the sudden movement reminds him of his age when his back acts up.

How will Mike react when Mandy and Kyle reveal that they might’ve found the perfect place? Watch the clip below to find out, and don’t miss Last Man Standing this Friday.

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